1:1 Training to help you look and feel fantastic

Are you looking to make big changes to your health and fitness? I can help! 

My passion and reason for re-training as a Personal Trainer is to help people take better care of their bodies so they not only look fantastic but also have more energy, sleep better, have improved posture and more confidence.​

I train my clients, either in their own home or garden or in a local park or outdoor space. I bring a range of different equipment from TRX, Kettle Bells and free weights to battle ropes and stability balls. This means each workout is different and bespoke to what you need to get fitter and stronger. ​

I encourage my clients to train with me at least once per week and then complete homework videos which I set to help continue progress between sessions.  

​Sessions are £50 per hour but this is reduced to £39 per hour when you buy a block of 5 or more sessions. ​ 

If you are ready to make big changes then get in touch today. 



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To see changes to your health it's important to eat well. My nutrition package gives you all the tools and support you need to lose weight and feel great. 


* 1 hour initial consultation and inforamtion on my plan.

* 4 weeks of food diary anaysis.

* Weekly nutrition report including information on your macros, vitamin and mineral intake and identify if you might be eficient in any areas.

* Guidance on how to improve your diet and support with recipes and ways to make eating well very simple. 


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30 minute session

My body analysis package is the perfect way to start a training programme. It gives you a true guide to how fit and healthy your body is on the inside. 

By using my state-of-the-art BodyStat device I am able to measure your levels of body fat, muscle and fluid levels. While a blood pressure check tells you how healthy your heart is. 

Included in the package:

* BodyStat Scan to record your body measurements.

* Blood pressure check

* Weight, waist and hip measurements.

I recommend that the BodyStat is repeated every 3 months to monitor traiing progress.