1:1 Training to help you look and feel fantastic

Are you looking to make big changes to your health and fitness? I can help! 

My passion and reason for re-training as a Personal Trainer is to help people take better care of their bodies so they not only look fantastic but they have more energy, better sleep, improved posture and more confidence.

Through my Kick Start Programme, I've helped many people lose body fat and build muscle. On average my clients lose 4kg of body fat over the 8 week period.  That's 16 packs of butter! 

 My sessions are individually designed to help you build strength where you need to and the stretch out tight muscles so your body can move correctly. But most importantly they are a lot of fun. 

If you are ready to make big changes then get in touch. 


South Harting Petersfield United Kingdom GU31 5

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