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Hello and happy September!

This blog comes at a time when many of us have had little time to ourselves. The combination of lockdown, summer holidays, partners working from home and closure of gyms, spas, hairdressers and salons has made it a full on few months.

I certainly am craving a little alone time. I even contemplated clearing out our loft as I knew its the only place in the house that no one can reach me. Don't get me wrong my girls are my world BUT if I hear "MAMA" shouted at me one more time I think I might cry! If you are feeling out of kilter, frustrated, exhausted - you are not alone.

I wanted to share a few things with you that have helped me over the past few weeks and I hope they will do the same for you. So go and pour a cup of tea (a lovely herbal one of course) and take some time out.

:: Getting back to exercise ::

Not so in love with the online workouts but don't feel happy heading to a gym? These are definitely the sentiments of my clients. It's SO easy to lose motivation for exercise, skip a couple of workouts and before you know it 2 weeks has passed and you are in a downward spiral of unhealthy eating and not exercising.

You need to make a written plan of 3 cardio sessions per week, 2 strength sessions per week and 1 stretch session. Be kind to your self and don't expect to be able to run, lift or stretch as far as you could pre-lockdown.

If you have small children try to engage them in your activity. I've written a blog on ways to do this - check it out here

:: Making eating well easy ::

Its very easy to begin a health kick and throw everything at it only to find it very overwhelming and give up a few days later. Start small - pick 1 thing you want to change be that drinking more water, having a green smoothie, reducing sugar intake, eating more vegetables, drinking less alcohol and wait until you have mastered this 1 thing before adding another. You'll find it much easier to make long term changes this way.

What we eat is such an act of self-love, or not, so enjoy sourcing, preparing and eating your food.

:: Exercise with friends ::

Me time doesn't have to be totally alone - sometimes we just need to see other people outside of our immediate circle. You will be amazed how much a workout buddy will help you stick to your routine. Everyone suffers from "can't be bothered days" but it's much less likely that you'll both be suffering on the same day. Have a pact that whoever is having the down day gets to pick the route and or pace!

I hope you've enjoyed this blog. If you would like help improving your health and fitness please get in touch.

Rachel x

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