🔥 Fire up your workouts 🏋️‍♀️

Do you find yourself doing the same moves at the gym or in your home workouts?

Spice up your workouts with these compound moves that work the whole body, challenge balance and add interest.

Lunge with rotation.

This is a balance challenge and great for firing up the legs and mobilising the spine. Remember to secure the core by pulling the belly button towards the spine and squeeze the bum to activate the glutes and stabilise the hips.

Squat and press

A wonderful warm up move to wake up the body. You can make this move a lot more challenging by holding a kettlebell or medicine ball - you’ll really feel your abs kick in to stabilise the movement.

Downward Dog with ankle taps

I love this move - I always do a few of these before I train. It wakes up the back of the legs and the shoulders and gets the core thinking that its time to work. Maintaining pressure through the shoulders so you push the ground away from you and weight back into the heels on the ankle taps.

Happy training one and all!

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