How working out became my version of self-love.

My relationship with training has shifted so much over time. At times it's been something to be avoided at all costs, other times it's been a form of punishment for not appearing the way I wanted to, and other times it is my sanctity, a precious time to take care of me.

I've always had a powerful physique and am naturally strong but in my teens and 20s what I would have done to have the willowy physique of a model. It's taken me years to accept and love my body for what it is rather than desperately trying to change it into something it simply isn't. I'm delighted to say that now I have so much more love for my body and am amazed at what it can achieve in a training session than trying to change my physical appearance. This girl works out because she knows that after 10 minutes of raising my heart rate I'm going to feel so good. It's a real honour for me now to be able to help women transition to this state rather than working out to "be thinner". Watching this process is simply awesome.

So I encourage you to spend a few minutes thinking about how you view working out, do you do it as a positive thing or as a way of beating yourself up? If you re able to change your mindset to the former then your much more likely to fall in love with workouts and your body.

Happy training!

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